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While the states are awaiting the unrated home video release of The Last Exorcism Part 2 on June 18th, those of us in the UK and Ireland are finally getting the film in theatres on June 7th. Check out a new teaser and a website that allows you to create your own “Possessed Message.”

Below you’ll find an example of what PossessedMessage.comis all about. Pretty weird, right?

Deep in rural Louisiana, Nell Sweetzer awakens from an horrific chain of events with no recollection of what went before. Unable to remember her terrifying exorcism, and with the footage from her ordeal making its way out into the world, she is forced to confront the return of the demonic evil that seeks to consume her; this time it doesn’t intend to fail.

Produced by acclaimed horror director Eli Roth, the chilling sequel to the No. 1 box office hit…

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