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The Badlands and Everything After

One of the least discussed TV storylines in podcasting or critiquing has been where does Homeland go from its season ender. I think that’s because the show can be so critically divisive that people need time to decompress before jumping back in. My first question is whether they will play Morena Baccarin’s real-life pregnancy into the storyline. How will the Brody family play a role in this storyline now that Nick is on the run in Canada (or whereever he is)? Will Carrie’s insane passion for Brody be exposed? Will Flynn answer for his insubordination? Will we get more F. Murray Abraham next season? Will Saul remain the director of the CIA next season? Will Carrie ever tell him the truth about her involvement with Brody?

Baccarin tweeted a photo this morning that she and her “son” were back to work on the next season. She was pictured with her

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