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The Victorianachronists

On the 50th anniversary of the signing of the Declaration of Independence, while the people of the young United States were celebrating with cannons, hymns, and fireworks, two of the nation’s greatest patriots lay on their deathbeds.  John Adams and Thomas Jefferson, two of the only three living signers of the Declaration, died only hours apart from one another on that significant day.  The poignancy of this coincidence has always struck me.  What are the odds?  It is generally known that both of these venerable Patriots knew their end was approaching and purposefully “held on” (as much as a mortal can) until the fourth.  But still! Jefferson was eight years younger, and Adams lived to an unusual 91 years old.  It just seems so beautifully fortuitous.  The significance was not lost on the people of the time, either.  John Quincy Adams called it a “visible and palpable” manifestation of “Divine…

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