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PlayStation Beat

Earlier this week GamesIndustry International interviewed Wargaming CEO Victor Kislyi regarding World of Tanks coming to the Xbox 360. The CEO remarked he was unhappy that a Xbox Live Gold subscription will be required to play the game, despite it being marketed as a free-to-play.

It should be interesting to note that while Sony has confirmed that their PlayStation Plus service will be required to play online multiplayer on the PlayStation 4, two free-to-play MMOs are exempted from the requirement. I assume this will be the case for all free-to-play games in the PS4’s future, but that remains to be seen.

“With Microsoft, unfortunately it’s not 100 percent free-to-play because it requires the Gold subscription to Xbox Live membership. But that’s a Microsoft requirement which is valid for us and for Activision and for EA and all other partners. They cannot drop it for us because they would have to…

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