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the Doll and the Drummer

Are you obsessed with Girls? The only answers to that are either ‘yes,’ ‘I don’t get HBO and I cry my eyes out because I haven’t seen it yet,’ or ‘NO!! I totally don’t get irony, plus a show that passes the Bechdel Test that many times disagrees with my man’s view on the world” (K, that’s a BIT harsh, but like, basically the only three options). I’M COMPLETELY OBSESSED.

A lot of the flack I hear/read about the show is how self-centered and bitchy the girls are, even to each other. THAT’S THE POINT! That’s what makes TV, folks – drama. Remember that show where four nice girls lived in New York City and were all happily married with happy sex lives with their significant other and met a few times a week at the cute local coffee shop to discuss their career accomplishments and the amazing metaphors their…

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