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Coach Bright Hammer

keep_calm_and_fus_ro_dah__by_gamergirl929-d5nwixtSome of you may have noticed that I am a huge geek and very proud of it. I have been playing video games since I my years were in single digits and they have helped enrich my imagination no end. Seeing how games have gotten so much more goal and reward orientated has helped me see how these relaxing pasttimes can now help us develop as people even more as well as being telling commentaries on real life.

My favourite game of all time is without a doubt, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. In this game you play a self-designed character know as the Dragonborn who has the power to kill dragon’s as well as absorb their souls with the benefit of learning ancient magic in tongue of dragons and project this power via their shout or Thu’um.

The Thu’um or shout of the Dragon-born is perhaps the…

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