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TRON: Legacy (2010) Directed by Joseph Kosinski. With Jeff Bridges, Garret Hedlund, Olivia Wilde, Bruce Boxleitner and Michael Sheen.


Released in 1982, the original Tron was never what you might call a classic. Sure, it has achieved cult status over the years for its experimental visuals and nostalgic charm, but it has always played as something of an enjoyable mess. Fast forward 28 years; a world in which we’re all plugged into ‘the grid’, and a sequel to TRON seems like the best idea since the Sinclair Spectrum.

Sadly, TRON: Legacy isn’t as smart as it ought to be. Where ‘The Matrix’ was an incisive, yet wildly entertaining allegory on our day-to-day interaction with technology, TRON sidelines depth in favour of eye-popping visuals. That said, the production design is a beautifully realised updating of the 1982 world-inside-a-world. A place of sleek, clinical efficiency. A place where Jeff Bridges is God.


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